Friday, October 6, 2017

Heart of Oakley festival

Hey y'all! Okay seriously this time! I'm going to keep up with blogging. Haha

So every year our city (Oakley) puts on a little festival. I don't know what it's for, but our church usually has a booth set up for outreach. It's really fun actually! We have people fill out Bible study surveys, and try to get people to come to our church!

This is what the booth looked like. It was better looking in person.

If you look closely, you can see the star of this picture. The flower. Lol
That balloon flower took so long to make! I was seriously proud of myself for making it!

High five Trin!

You know what's funny though, The pride of making that dumb balloon flower got to my head. Right after I made it I was all showing everyone, and then this little girl comes up to our booth and out of all the balloons we could have made she wanted MY balloon flower! I gave it to her. Haha

Moral: don't get a big head about things you make. They're not that cool. Lol.

I think this is when my finger started to bleed.

I think it's funny, Like what in the world her finger started bleeding because she tied to many balloons? Hahah I guess those balloons meant business.

Sasha, getting her finger workout. Lol

Bell, Jen, and I.

Okay so after my fingers almost nearly died from tying all those balloons, I decided to help Sis. Connell. All we had to do was give out free waters. We started to get bored using the same line over and over (Free Water!) So we go creative. Haha
"Free Ice water!
Get your Ice cold refreshing water!
Zero calories!
Low fat!
Vegan water!"  

Haha some people thought it was funny.

Us girls.

Lol can you see what I'm holding? 
Yeah I bought one. They are actually pretty entertaining! 

This pic was taken during our break. We were so tired! You don't even know. Haha

My flower.. Hahah

Okay so this young boy walks up to our booth with his friend. He was looking at our booth with curiosity. He asked what church is this? Sis. Halstead told him and then he asked where our church is at. She told him. He seemed interested. (And little boys don't really do this). Then she asked do you guys go to church anywhere? And the boy answer and said yes... my dad is a pastor at Golden hills. (I was like woooow.) I really got my hopes up! Lol I thought this little boy was interested in our church. But no his dad is pastor at a church that doesn't even have the full truth! Haha. (Okay Sorry, I thought that was a little funny).

I don't know why,  just seeing kids hungry for God and having a desire to please Him. Touches my heart. Because they have so much potential, and when they're young they are so open to hear, receive, and believe. And to see God work in kids and plant them in the truth, will help keep them when they're older. Just seeing God use them when they're young is precious to me.

But anyways, after a very hot hard working day, we had a successful outreach. 135 surveys done! My fingers hurt. But the pain was worth it! I'm excited what God is going to do! We have hungry people out there, and I just pray that God uses us to do his work.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I just want to say,

I love the Church! I love my church family. I love my "youf" group, they mean so much to me. More then they're ever know! It's just such a good life living for God! I'm thankful for our fellowship! I don't why I'm saying all this... but sometimes it's just good to look back at what you have and be thankful.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A thankful mood

Hey! I know, I don't know why I can't keep up with this blogging thing! Lol

But I just want to say that today I'm just in a thankful mood!
You know God does so much for us and he blesses us with so many things that sometimes we don't even realize it! Sometimes we sort of forget, we might just get so caught up with life and things kind of just ware us down. but I don't ever want to forget the things God does!

Today I'm just so thankful to be apart of the church! The church is a safe place, it's a place dedicated to God! I'm thankful for the people of God. Those who have helped me, and prayed for me.
I'm thankful to have had the hand of God on my life. That God has kept me.
I'm thankful for our fellowship, for Conferences that have impacted my life, messages that I held on too, and services I have never forgot. I'm thankful for the Ministry. For men of God who know how to follow the Holy Ghost and will preach what you need to hear, not what you want! For my pastor and his family. I'm thankful for songs that glorify God. For God's Word, that it's alive! I'm thankful for the truth and for the Holy Ghost that fills us with joy unspeakable!

I'M JUST SO THANKFUL! God has been so good! And there is so much more that I'm thankful for!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Pacific coast camp update

Okay I'm sorry! It's every time I get back from a conference I just lose track of blogging! But I'm back now and I'll put up pics from camp! Let me just say Pacific coast camp this year was just awesome! It was such a good year! This would have to be one of my favorite years. Like everything was just bomb! The services were so powerful and there was such a deep move of God. People were lingering in the altars responding to what God was doing. It was just so right and so wonderful. We had services where people were being changed, making commitments, dedicating, and consecrating their lives to God. And that's so precious to me. All the memories, the laughs, the dumb stuff you do when you haven't had much sleep! It was just a good time! Even the food, it was pretty good! I didn't starve the whole week like pass years! Lol Anyways the 4th of July is tomorrow and I'm going on a hike! Lol I know it's random. But pictures to come soon! And I won't forget this time. Haha


Monday, June 12, 2017

Hey! We had such a good move of God Friday night! It was one of those services where there was no preaching. God's presence just swept the place. We were all weeping and praying, just touching God. I'm thankful that God knows what we need right when we need it! I'm so thankful to be a part of the church!
That night we didn't even expect it to happen we thought we were just going to have preaching and a good altar call, like usual services. But God wanted to do more! His family came up and sang a song, then they sang another song, then another one. Then Bro. Salava got up and said "Saints, we don't usually do this. My wife and my daughter keep on playing because God wants to do something here. I don't feel to preach tonight. God wants to sweep through this place. He wants to touch someone. Keep on worshiping! Let God have his way." And God did! I'm so thankful for man of God who follows the Holy Ghost! God is so good!

Friday, June 9, 2017


Hey you guys! I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I'm going to try to be diligent at this. Like seriously! Lol
We have just started revival with the Savala's. And I know it's going to be good! Every time they come something good happens! I have been praying that God would just move in a mighty way. There is something important we need to understand though. We aren't waiting on God, He is waiting on us! We want revival, but we have to be willing to pay the price! Sometimes people aren't ready. Some people don't like to sacrifice. Praying constantly, fasting, consecration, commitment, studying the Word, getting ahold of God - all these things are vital to having a real revival I just pray that a hunger and a desire will stir in the hearts of people for this! That it would stir in me! Yesterday night we had service and it was really good! This girl that my mom has been teaching a Bible study to, came! She has come to our church before and God has always seem to touch her. It's evident that God is dealing with her though. She always has tears flowing down her face. Well my mom told me that she had a headache in service yesterday and during alter call Bro. Savala laid hands on her and prayed, and she said it just went away! just like that! She was shocked. And for someone who doesn't really know that God can heal. That's exciting! I really feel like God is going to do something good!

Friday, May 12, 2017

It's so beautiful.

We have been having good church lately! I'm thankful that God knows what we need, right when we need it.

Last week Jen sent me a picture from service two Sunday's ago.
She said, "Look, wasn't service just amazing last night".

And as I was looking at this picture, of people praying in the altar. Those people were just reaching out and responding to what God was doing.

I thought, wow.

It's so beautiful! Just seeing God working and touching people. Seeing people just hungry for God and just wanting Him do something in their life. Does something to my heart.

God has a divine purpose for every service. He has something for each and everyone one of us. We can get what we need out of every service. All we have to do is let God have his way, and reach for what He has for us!